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What is orthobionomy? ORTHO-BIONOMY® treatments are helpful for specific ailments and injury as well maintenance of health and function.


What is ORTHO?

Ortho-bionomy is a therapeutic treatment that works on the body’s structure to access and improve function.  Treatments are fully clothed and they are hands-on typically but with varying degree of density. Working and educating the nervous system to enhance proprioception, create pattern awareness and alternatives for those patterns, this work has the depth to be integrated for actual change in the body. Ortho-bionomy acknowledges that bodies are unique but that they all share a desire to always move towards health and balance. Seek Orthobionomy as a modality to help with acute issues, chronic issues, or as a way to support and calm the nervous system for overall health and well-being.

ORTHO-BIONOMY® treatments are helpful for specific ailments and injury as well as just maintenance of health and function.  The work can help change patterns and increase function related to:

  • Unwinding and Discharging Trauma

  • Overuse injury

  • Fatigue

  • Pre/Post Surgery

  • Back and Hips

  • Knees and Feet

  • Shoulders and Spine

  • Neck

  • Organs & Visceral

  • Headaches

More information about Ortho-bionomy can be found at the Society of Ortho-bionomy International

What to Expect During Treatment:

  • Come at your scheduled time- no need to be early. Sessions take about 75 minutes total for adults, and about 55 total minutes for youth.

  • Treatments are fully clothed and aren’t a rub-down treatment for muscles.  Wear comfortable clothing, limit layers, and wear socks.

  • Treatments are on a massage table, face-up, face-down, or side-lying.  There may be some walking and standing adjustment or perhaps sitting during treatment.

  • Some intake on past injuries, chronic pain, or trauma will help make the treatment as relevant as possible.  Intake does not have to be extensive but is helpful.

  • Expect movement and positioning that is not painful.

  • Expect questions about positioning preferences during the treatment.

  • Please ask questions during treatment if they arise. The more information you can tell about what you might be feeling is also helpful, but not required.

  • This is a hands-on treatment but the density of pressure varies greatly throughout a single session.

  • There are no abrupt adjustments in an Ortho treatment but there are positioning releases.

  • Treatments are inherently relaxing/restorative because adjustments and positioning ‘go with ease’ so there is no anticipation for adjustment or gripping to work through muscle soreness – Ortho works through the nervous system to suggest and ultimately make lasting change in the system.

  • Because the treatment is targeted toward the nervous system, integration occurs 1-3 days after the session. For this reason it is recommended to space out treatments with other modalities especially to limit the input and allow for the maximum benefit from the Ortho.