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Cashmere Sweater

I found a deep orange cashmere hoodie last month in a thrift store. Never-mind that it was one of the hottest days of the year…I reached for it and… I think it was the softest thing I have ever felt. I left the store with my new $10 cashmere sweater in hand and visceral day dreams of a warm winter ahead.

Why is this even in a blog about Ortho? I’m not sure yet, but much like the practice itself, I think I just need to hold steady here, be patient and there will be some wisdom that arises from within this musing about a cashmere sweater…

Ortho school was not only about bodywork, and on one cool classroom day last fall, while I shivered, I was told that I needed a cashmere sweater to help keep me warm. I learned that cashmere actually produces heat; like our body’s own layers, the fabric has its own intelligence and is responsive - always seeking balance and comfort. Knowing this now, when I put the sweater on, I anticipate and almost manifest warmth because I have faith in it.

So I thought that was neat and it does connect to how our body is made to adapt, adjust, re-check and self-correct. Lets go ahead and concede that we are more complicated than a cashmere sweater but make a leap and posit that there is something to be learned from having faith in our own capacity to take care of ourselves from within and not impose thinking on the system. - let the true, primal, innate intelligence reign and let the work of Ortho give just enough support for that pursuit.

Karen Reader